About Us

Maheshwari Smelting - Manufacturer of Brazing Products

Maheshwari Smelting is One Of The Leading ISO 9001: 2015 certified Manufacturer/Exporter/Supplier of Low Temperature Silver Brazing Products in India.The firm Started manufacturing and supplying of non Ferrous Metals / Alloys to various Traders / Industries in 1985 and gradually moved into production of various types of Brazing Products , We having Gold Brazing Alloys Silver brazing alloys, Copper based brazing wire, Copper Phosphorous brazing alloys, aluminium wires,Silicon Bronze alloys , silver brazing fluxes, copper brazing fluxes,and Brzing preforms With over three decades of experience, we have attained specialisation and offer perfect solutions for all the brazing needs of our customers. We have been able to carve a niche for ourselves in the Brazing Products by supplying products including brazing alloys and brazing fluxes like silver brazing fluxes, copper brazing fluxes and silver soldering fluxes that are known for their reliability and quality. Our range of products have a proven track record in many industries across the globe including air conditioning, defense, heavy engineering & power, hydraulic, motors, pumps, radiators, railways, refrigeration, switchgears & tools industries. Our mission is to provide our customers with productivity enhancing products, technologies and processes to improve their operating efficiencies and lower their costs. We have a team of experienced professionals, who support our products and services with training, installation and troubleshooting expertise. Committed to achieve complete customer satisfaction, our team of professionals provide our customers with the best possible solution in order to meet their specific requirements.

Customer Satisfaction

Our endeavors are directed towards achieving 100% customer satisfaction. With continual research and development we always try to improve our products and services. We are committed to continue our enterprise by keeping ourselves abreast of the MARKET trends and by engineering products in sync with technology. Apart from wide market base in domestic front, we wish to have significant share in the export mark.


Quality has been the utmost priority since the very beginning. We manufacture high quality products under the supervision of our most experienced technical staff. Our customers are fully satisfied with quality of our products and prompt services followed by them. We are dedicated to the precept of serving the society and mankind through our quality products and for that we try to find various methods of reducing wastage and improving production. All our products confirm to the standards given by our customers. However, we are also following National/International standards wherever applicable.


Our plant utilizes world-class technology for superior production. We have complete casting and processing facilities with research and development laboratories for testing purposes. We believe in prime quality and customer satisfaction.

Maheshwari Smelting has a team of highly experienced and trained manpower along with adherence to quality systems only makes our job easier to produce world class Brazing alloys. Maheshwari Smelting has advanced R&D department whose sole aim is to provide better technology at affordable prices.

Maheshwari Smelting manufactures and supplies Silver,Copper ,Brass Brazing Alloys to meet a wide range and ensures support services to enhance Customer satisfaction.

Today, Maheshwari Smelting is focusing on increasing productivity to meet the growing needs of our country. At the same time, quality is kept well-balanced with the increase in production.

All our products finally go through R&D laboratories for testing purposes and Quality Assurance team who ensure that our customers receive only the finest products. Our silver alloys and rods are certified to meet IS, AWS, DIN, BS, ISO and other popular specifications as ordered by the customer.